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Movavi VideoSuite DVD to AVI Ripper SoftwareThe Movavi VideoSuite is one of the most powerful video converter and ripping utilities available on the market. This software can easily convert your DVD to AVI (.avi) format in one simple step. It can also convert or rip the DVD to other formats like MPEG, MP4, WMV, VOB, DivX and many more.

The Movavi VideoSuite is much more than just a video converter. It also is a DVD Ripper and a DVD authoring software. You can make backup copies of your DVDs or you can make fun or professional quality DVDs from your home movies and digital videos. It's really simple to use, but powerfully complex in nature.

The Movavi VideoSuite is made to be easy for beginners to use, but have all the features required by the most seasoned video professionals. It's also extremely affordable (click on the image for today's price). You can also download a free trial version before you buy to ensure it works for your needs.

If you need a solution for DVD to AVI conversion, you will be more than happy with the Movavi VideoSuite.


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